1.5 mln. VEHICLES ASSEMBLED with our ECU      1.500 ECU produced per day 6% of the TURNOVER invested in R&D


Our hardware is made with our passion.

Not only parts of the electronic system, but the result reflecting the business policy based on development and design as basic concepts of its own growth.

Our job finds its ultimate expression in hardware production, essential parts for the electronic system operation, to develop, to evolve and strengthen on which we will build our future.


As an electronic system doesn’t work without the source of power, as well as Autronic can’t exist without its personnel.

Our personnel: the real and great asset of Autronic, by which we can convey our fundamental values.

We are, design and evolve thanks to the efforts and commitment of the people who work with us.


In Autronic the ethic choice and corporate philosophy are not procedures only.

They identify our attitude toward innovation in realizing extraordinary products, with the highest standard of quality and customization.

Is the combination of the shared values and the Company ethic that brings to a successful business system, where people can share not only the working hours but a similar world view.


The soul over the material: