We dedicate our efforts not in series production only, but also into customized design of products and related systems, producing ECU, developing firmware and software for several applications for different industrial sectors. In Autronic every stage of the research and development of ECU is followed by a team of professional, from design to manufacture until the after sales and personal training course.

Our technician mix technical competencies and passion to design products suitable for all applications:

  • thanks to our decade of experience, we produce innovative electronic system for the fastest market sector: the Automotive’s;
  • electronic architectures to face the new challenges in a continuously changing world, such as in the Agriculture branch;
  • electronic system with high technological content suitable for all applications in automatic distribution, from household small up to large automatic devices;
  • We think and manufacture our products for one and a million of different applications including the CHP sector.


In our corporate vision, the Tailor-Made means the creations of customer oriented-solutions against the alignment and standardization of processes and products. With our high competent staff, we can offer a personalized service to meet the special needs and the design specifications of every single customer. We can provide:

  • integrated solutions;
  • turn-key solutions development;
  • hardware design;
  • software design;
  • firmware design;
  • after sale service;
  • personal training course.


The automotive industry has always invested in mayor changes and Autronic for years successfully follows the same rhythms of progress, thanks to the innovations and corporate technological developments and staff commitments.

We have been designing, developing and manufacturing internal combustion engines conversion systems bi-fuel and LPG/CNG for more than 10 years. The new electronic systems creation is the core part of our R&D activity, our PCB have been designed to adapt to the different markets requirement. Autronic is constantly evolving to guarantee reliable solutions to the Automotive field and to fulfill all major international customers.

Despite the small dimensions of our company, we have been working for years with the technical staff of the most important automotive industries which has influenced and significantly enhanced our working method.

We are proud of our cutting-edge R&D department, which enriched our know-how in Automotive field and always endeavor to satisfy the several customers need of domestic and international market tackling every conceivable demands as a challenge to successfully meet.


We produce electronic control unit for small equipment intended for domestic use until the large vending machines. We not only modify a standard product, but we redesign and manufacture “on demand” with the aim of being as near as possible to the needs and requirement of each Customer.

The today’s vending machines are still equipped with a “minimum technology” that allow a very little customization for the user and even less information to the distributor. This trend is not expected to last much longer, the technological innovation and the continuous work of software and hardware companies will shortly transform the vending machines in “Smart Vending Machines”. By the smartphone the customers will be able to buy the products and in the cloud will be registered theirs purchases info and sent to the operators for updating on running machine status and purchasing behaviors.

For Autronic this future is the present.


Our technicians combine technique and passion to design perfect products easy-fitting for all uses. Electronic architectures to face the future challenges for a continuously changing world.

The Agriculture field has drastically changed over these last years by mainly technological developments and to the electronic applications in its different productive areas, which have transformed the agricultural farm in “Smart Farm”. Access to the information in real time about the harvesting, system for management and distribution of fertilizer and pesticide, are just a few of the tools who have taken advantages from this technological revolution and considerable progress has been achieved in this key sector.

Agricultural farm have seen many benefits from this innovation process that enhance revenues, by increasing the production quantity and quality safeguarding the environment.


We imagine a thousand applications for our ECU and the CHP as well stimulates our mind and our passion. We produce customized products to serve men and to safeguard the environment.

The CHP is a technology system to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, generating electricity and useful heat. The CHP called “combined heat and power” as the most of the systems are used for electric energy and heat supply. There are wonderful opportunities for CHP in the industrial sector where the greenhouse gas emissions represent 20% of direct industrial emissions deriving from direct burning fossil fuels.