Let’s introduce ourselves, the place where people meet, thinks and design together, technology for products of quality day by day. Our Company generates amounts and values, our philosophy, our way to do business. A short history of which we are proud, as an incentive to continue succeeding in new and wider targets.

Vogliamo raccontarvi di noi, del luogo dove le persone si incontrano, pensano e creano insieme, officina di tecnologie che “forgiano” prodotti di qualità ogni giorno. Siamo un’azienda che genera valori e valore, la nostra filosofia, il nostro modo di fare impresa. Una piccola storia di cui essere orgogliosi, uno stimolo per continuare, per nuovi e ampi traguardi.


In a mostly one-sector economy as the Carpi’s area is, Ing. Guido Rustichelli’s initiative to establish Autronic srl seemed a hazard.


At the end of 90’s the Made in Italy electronic products are playing a prestigious role also thanks to companies such as Autronic.

Pioneer in the field, against the local market trend, the company from Carpi, launch his first programmable feedback engine control system, based on Oxygen Sensor.


In the short decade, the companies struggle to keep up with incessant technologic innovations but not Autronic that successfully implements the automation of the production line through the new (SMD) technology for the surface mount.


While the European Community is adopting the Euro as single currency, Autronic is developing an intermittent and sequential engine control system, key element in the automotive, that will revolutionize the sector.

The zizhu chuangxin, chinese self innovation, gain a foothold in China, it consists in using elsewhere established technologies, revise in the light of local market conditions for re-exportation.


Innovation processes accelerated strongly in Autronic with the creation of his first product for diagnosis and communication with On Board Diagnosis standard, which permit a fast evaluation of engine operating parameters but, above all, compatible with all vehicles produced after 2001.


In this year the electronic economy experienced a serious setback because of the rapid growth of the electronic Chinese products. Autronic, against this trend, has reached an important milestone: more than 1 MLN ECU produced.


Autronic moves into its new head office over more than 5.000 sqm. A new beginning, a real corporate renewal, together with the introduction of the new high volume production line.


The year of earthquake in Emilia Romagna and Carpi. All the area around Modena have been affected and a series of tremors have brought down the population and infrastructures.

In spite of the earthquake have brought the economy and the regional industry to their knees, Autronic remains stubbornness committed in its work, introducing its first direct injection engine control system.


In the industrial sector, the ongoing control activity allows the timely intervention if anomalies are identified in the standard production cycle.

By using the optic technology for the quality control of the production, Autronic increases the efficiency and the production effectiveness.


The complete traceability system for the products has been implemented and the automation for stocking of parts component, changing the face of the traditional workplace and their everyday work.