With a potential market of almost 140 million consumers, Russia is the largest country of the world with wide natural resources and high skilled and technologically advanced labour force.
Despite the nation's vast geography, Autronic choose to move on the Moscow’s market offering major opportunities for growth and profitability.


During its economic growth, Poland moves closer to western economic standard and after the fall of Berlin’s Wall, its development has maintained a positive trend.
Price factor is still important factor in Warsaw for the electronic components, but this attitude didn’t affect Autronic which play today a leading position on the local market thanks to the high quality level of its products.



In Italy the electronic field assume strategic relevance, today the export is about 20% of the total exportation.
Great changes affected this field during these last years, an increased specialization and higher innovation level make the Italian market, the real highlight in Autronic economic policies.


In recent years, the electronic sector in Turkey has grown steadily. Since 2012 the production was up by 4,1% reaching 12.4 million dollars of annual turnover, that represents for the country approx. the 2% of gross domestic product.
There’s a strong competition on this market, but Autronic loves the challenge and refers strategically to Istanbul entering the market with its products.

Northern America[+]

Los Angeles

California, the most rich and populated state of USA as well as a real leader in the electronic field. The Silicon Valley is the cradle of innovation and forerunner of this sector growing tremendously fast.
Could Autronic not entering such a viable and dynamic market?

Southern America[+]

Buenos Aires

In last decade, thanks to the favorable market framework, Argentina has been characterized by an increased productivity in the electronic sector. In particular as regard this field, the generated a turnover was up until approximately 1 billion euro annual turnover.
Forecast about this trend, will be substantially stable and remains positive for many years to come and that’s the reason why Autronic has chosen to invest on this market.

Middle East[+]


Iran represents one of the most important economy in Middle East. Market’s growth of capital Teheran is highly satisfactory and the electronic industry has a key role in the country economy.
Autronic is operating in these important markets offering strong incentives for R&D and innovative products.

Far East[+]


Thai capital Bangkok is the heart of the economic development of the country.
The electronic industry is one of the most important of the country with its approximately 30 billion dollars values and Autronic is being successfully operating in this rich market.


The electronic sector in China represent the 50% of the economy and has reached its steady long-term growth rate.
In fast and continuous growth, the dynamism of the electronic industry stimulates companies such Autronic to invest on these markets, new world centers of technological innovation.