The sector

Over recent years, in Italy the electronic sector become a fundamental importance and includes niches of Made in Italy excellences.

There’re few important companies and a myriad of small and medium size enterprises (PMI) and the latter, constitute up to the majority in the EEE sector and are particularly important for the engineering industries, as automotive, aerospace and telecommunication; in conclusion for those companies producing goods and services with high added value.

Approximately the 4% of the turnover has been invested in R&D from the electronic Italian companies it means that the 30% of the total R&D investments of the Italian private sector and play a fundamental role in the European industrial scenario. Compared to the mayor EU countries, in fact, the Italian manufacturing system creates more than 50% of the total value of production against 30% of France and Germany. This element has been reflected on the sectorial specialization: the flexibility typical for small companies permits to move in innovative niches of market, with a very high level of customization of the offer.

After the mechanical production time period and mass-production, today the electronic companies are looking for customization and differentiation for better responding to new market challenges. The response to these issues, comes from a new way of conceiving the production, no more limited in time and space, but must be seen as an ongoing process from design to customer service.

This highlight that, in comparison with other main European countries, the Italian electronic industry confirm, even in an economic context still affected by uncertainties and difficulties in economic recovery, a very high innovation attitude.