Your design, our product: the winning partnership.

We design and produce the 100% of our products. A great added value which offer a full range of opportunities for those who want a distinguishing product. This is the reason why our customers can choose betwenn 2 differents personalization program targeted to address different requirements.

  • Would you simply add the logo on the ECU box?
  • Would you customize the programming software interface?
  • Would you like the ad hoc customization of the entire kit?

It's up to you.

Light customization [+]

The program includes:

  • Branded ECU box with customer's logo.
  • Programming software home page customized with customer's logo
  • Customized approval documentations with customer's logo.

Full customization [+]

Full program includes:

  • The complete Light program.
  • Further and deeper software interface customization according to specific customer request.
  • Adding specific functionality to the software.
  • Customization of the connecting wiring.
  • Shape, color and size of case box .