In our knowledge-based society, where new ideas and professional skills are an essential element in the pursuit of sustainable economic and social development, the Autronic R&D activities may act as a stimulus for the diffusion of an innovative culture and in Autronic become a true human and technological heritage, together with the innovation, are the main drivers of growth.

Characteristic of our technical team of very high skilled professional is the conceptive design, which often implies a non-conventional approach composed by:

  • individual creativity, mixing logic and imagination;
  • team creativity, comes from different individual ideas comparison.

In this atmosphere new ideas and projects take shape, questioning the usual conventions, from new perspectives and finally creating new and extraordinary products.

The R&D department represents the Autronic’s lifeblood, for many years now, we have invested a significant part of the turnover: more than 6% is dedicated to this key department, and quality, efficiency, best service, functionality and reliability are the core elements to satisfy the most demanding markets.